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Dr. Natalia Stakhanova is an Assistant Professor and the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Cyber Security at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Her work revolves around building secure systems. Working closely with industry on a variety of R&D projects, she developed a number of technologies that resulted in 3 patents  in the field of computer security and have been adopted by high-tech companies. Natalia Stakhanova is the recipient of the UNB Merit Award, the McCain Young Scholar Award and the Anita Borg Institute Faculty Award. She is a strong advocate of Women in IT and
co-founder of CyberLaunch Academy, an initiative that aims to promote science and technology among children.

Oleg Stakhanov is a sociology instructor at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Stakhanov received his undergraduate diploma at the Journalism School of Moscow State University, Russia and his Ph.D. at the Department of Sociology of Iowa State University. In the 1990s he led the press service of the Socio-Ecological Union and worked as the Director for Research and Campaign Management at the Centre for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights, Russia. His academic research interests encompass issues of sustainable development, technology transfer and research methodology. He is a co-founder of CyberLaunch Academy, an initiative that aims to promote science and technology among children by providing high quality engaging extracurricular activities in computer science.



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